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vSRM – Supplier Schedules

Your suppliers, who work with supplier schedules retrieve a system in which they can timely be informed on schedule changes and automatically transfer the schedule changes into their own ERP systems; thus become able to quickly react the changes in the production and shipment schedule

Long-term supplier agreements are signed with the suppliers mainly in automotive industry, as well as in the electrical, electronic and household appliances manufacturing industries. Within the scope of these agreements in which all commercial conditions are identified, the companies issue Supply Schedules which are named as “Supplier Schedule” or “Shipment Schedule” instead of creating separate purchasing orders each time for their supply requirements. Supplier schedules include short-term daily exact order quantities, weekly planned supply quantities and prospective monthly sourcing estimates for each material. These schedules, which assist suppliers in creating long term supply plans, are updated in periodic intervals and they are published and communicated to suppliers as new releases. The supplier schedules continuously change in accordance with the modifications in the production schedule, and their fast delivery to the supplier companies bears critical importance.

Following request modifications, new supplier schedules which are created as an output of MRP (Material Requirement Planning), are automatically transferred to vSRM system once they are approved, and become immediately visible by your suppliers. Suppliers are immediately informed from program changes by e-mail or SMS. The differences of the new program from the previous program can be monitored visually, while the modifications on the program monitoring screens with matrix structure can easily be followed up. Suppliers are able to report the schedule information sent to them in excel format, or download it in XML or CSV format if they wish to use for transferring information to their own systems.

For the suppliers with EDI infrastructure, the schedule data are separately sent in EDI standards. EDI standards such as EDIFACT, ODETTE, VDA, ANSI X.12 are supported, meanwhile, for each one of them, the message files such as VDA4913, VDA4915, DELFOR, DELJIT can be created and communicated the supplier if he desires.

The special requirements brought along working with Supplier Schedules are completely supported by vSRM Platform, and without any manual intervention, schedule data can automatically be taken from your system and delivered to your suppliers’ systems.