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vSRM – Label Management

Through vSRM Platform you are both able to offer your suppliers a shared platform with the ability to easily create their product, package and palette-based shipment labels during the shipment, and you can immediately use the shipment labels that you standardized in barcoded warehouse applications.

Barcode applications in inventory management, the conduct of material incoming and outgoing movements by means of hand terminals is desired to be used by many companies and expands owing to many advantages it offers. One of the most serious problems beyond the expansion of barcode applications at the incoming warehouse is the troubles faced in supplying the product, package and pallet labels from the suppliers with the desired format. Working with many suppliers either small or big is possible. Each one of our suppliers has different corporate software systems. It is not quite possible to expect all our suppliers to create the shipment labels with the same format and content. The systems used by most of them may not be technically sufficient to fulfill our request in this regard. Due to such reasons, the success of barcode applications mostly requires re-formation of the package labels, which we cannot obtain from the suppliers in a healthy manner, during the material entry. This method causes to extra costs and losses of time.

The most practical and applicable method to overcome these challenges is to offer a shared platform to all of our suppliers, on which they can create the shipment labels. vSRM, allows your suppliers to create the shipment labels with the properties and format you request during the shipment. This method, which includes no additional investment cost at all for you or your suppliers, can also be immediately used by all of your suppliers and therefore it is highly practical in terms of expanding its use.

You can both use the standard label formats included in the standard of your system, which ware mainly used by our customers in the automotive industry, you can also design customized shipment labels which are modified according to the product group or on supplier basis in accordance with your own business requirements and requests.