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vSRM – Request Management, Online Proposal Collection and Analyses

Enables collection of vRFQA purchasing requests from the departments, and managing the processes of their direction to suppliers one by one or by merging, receiving supplier offers via web, evaluating them and converting into purchasing order, thus accelerates and automates the purchasing process.

The purchasing departments of companies are generally evaluated in two main categories; the supply of the materials required for the manufacture, the service and consumable material purchases for the administrative works. There are differences in the purchasing processes of both categories. The purchasing requests required for production are generally automatically recommended by MRP. Following the approval of the recommended requests, purchasing orders are opened to the suppliers. The process differs for consumable purchases and administrative service purchases. The requests are manually communicated to the purchasing department from the related departments. The supply process is started after the approval of the related department managers and the budget controls. As the administrative purchases are not continuously supplied materials and service purchases, the market research and proposal collecting process gains importance.

The conduct of proposal collection and evaluation processes at many companies manually by e-mail, fax or telephone causes to serious losses of time at purchasing departments. RFQA (Request for Quotation & Analysis) Request Management and Quotation collection functions; enables collecting, approving requests from the company online on electronic environment, and transferring them to the supply process in a swift manner. At the companies which do not use request management in ERP system, each department enters its own request to the web-based vSRM system, while they can write notes related with the details of the product or service or attach the documents they prepared to the request.
Requests are directed to the approval process according to the approval mechanisms defined flexibly according to many parameters such as budget code, purchase type and the requesting department. The approval body which is informed by e-mail may make modifications and additions on the required, approve it and direct to the next stage or re-direct to the request owner for re-evaluation. The requests that receive the required approvals fall in front of the purchasing department.

The approved requests are directed to the suppliers from whom the proposals are to be requested automatically. The suppliers, who are informed by e-mail, may place their proposals online via vSRM. In addition to the commercial terms such as the price, payment conditions, method and costs of shipment; your suppliers also find the opportunity to communicate the documents that contain detailed information for products and services via portal, so they can return their proposals much quicker. As the proposals can be entered the vSRM system online directly by the suppliers, the fax and e-mail traffic is eliminated and the period of collecting proposals and evaluation is shortened. Comparison of their proposals and identification of the advantageous items becomes easier. You can provide feedback to your suppliers for the items on which they are disadvantageous, and you can also communicate your request for proposal revision. You can print the proposal comparison form via the system and present it for approval. Following the final evaluation, purchasing orders are automatically opened for the suppliers who are advantageous on all or some of the items.

The central purchasing method implemented by group companies or holdings to create mass purchasing power and benefit from price advantages is also supported by vSRM. The approved requests which are transmitted from different departments and group companies can be consolidated to benefit from economic purchasing conditions or for directing to different suppliers.

Some of our customers use RFQA module in their service purchases as the main system for the management of the purchasing process. The companies that follow the purchasing requests and orders via Corporate Resource Planning system work in an integrated manner with the ERP system.