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vSRM – Purchasing Orders

You can make sure that your orders reach suppliers on time and without a mistake. The orders you approved are communicated to your suppliers by means of vSRM platform in web environment. Your suppliers are immediately informed on order changes and you can see the supplier approvals online and monitor the supplier process.

If you are obliged to make many telephone calls, use e-mail and fax while communicating and following up your orders to most of your suppliers, then that means you are working with a manual order follow up system. Probably in each price change, deadline change and shipment deviation; you are obliged to repeat the same process and spend time on following up order mails, faxes and letters. Communicating hundreds of modifications that occur on the new orders and current orders following MRP (Material Requirement Planning) to hundreds of suppliers with whom you work flawlessly with this method is almost impossible. vSRM enables you to overcome all these troubles and offers you an environment which makes your style of working with your suppliers completely interactive. With vSRM system, the approved orders created on your ERP system are communicated to your suppliers online in a secure manner via internet. Your suppliers can see their orders from vSRM Platform to which they are connected by their unique user codes and passwords, print out them and download for using on their own systems. They can make price, deadline and quantity modifications as much as they are allowed, and confirm your orders. They can write notes to you about the overall order or specific items, or attach documents which contain additional information.

Your suppliers and your own purchasing department employees are informed by automatic mails sent by the system at the required points during the process. At which situations information mails should be sent and the mail content is in completely configurable structure. In order to eliminate keeping your suppliers connected to the supplier portal or checking their e-mails all the time to be informed on the changes, information can also be provided via SMS services. You can follow online which of your orders are confirmed, which are ready for shipment or on the way. You can ask your suppliers to send the dispatch note and shipment notes (ASN) on electronic environment.

As a result, with vSRM, your process of placing orders to your suppliers and following them up radically changes; becomes swift and efficient.