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vSRM – Document Management

For vSRM Platform users, sharing, revision monitoring and management of technical drawings and other purchasing documents is not a problem anymore. During the supply process, in addition to the technical drawings, the technical and administrative specifications you prepare to define the details of the product and service you are willing to buy, the documents that identify product specifications, can be associated with the proposal, order or order items and sent to the supplier in a similar fashion.

For manufacturer companies, the delivery of approved technical drawings and specifications to the supplier companies, the management of the revisions that occur in time in a fast and effective manner is important for obtaining desired quality of products and services. In order to make sure that up to date pictures are communicated to the companies, engineering and purchasing department is obliged to build a monitoring system that requires extra time and effort. Sending technical Picture information by e-mail, which is a commonly-used method, requires both manual follow up and causes to security gaps.

With the document sharing property offered by vSRM Platform, the technical drawings issued by the engineering department can be uploaded on the system following related approvals and offered for the use of suppliers in a secure environment. The up to date states of technical drawings are kept in a secure environment, and they are presented fort he suppliers’ online access within their authorization level. The suppliers may thee the technical drawings on the system, download them for use on their own systems and print out them at any time they desire. Owing to the parametric and flexible communication infrastructure of vSRM Platform, the related suppliers can automatically informed by e-mail regarding the updates on the technical drawings.

Common documents, which concern all your suppliers, can be dispatched to all your supplies at once and on the same. Especially the documents which explain your purchasing directive, supply chain application principles, return material directive can be issued in this way and saved in a manner as always accessible by your all suppliers.

vSRM enables communicating to your suppliers, saving and opening for the access of your suppliers within their authorization levels all electronic documents that you are to share with your suppliers.