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vSRM – Financial Information Sharing

You can share the financial reflections of your commercial relations which you conduct with your suppliers in the desired details with your suppliers that you allow in a secure environment. Current account data, invoice and payment information can be monitored by suppliers, and you can also easily communicate your account reconciliation requests to your suppliers.

vSRM Platform that you use in managing the logistics operations during purchasing and supply process can also be used as a financial information sharing environment with your suppliers. In vSRM platform, financial information sharing is provided through the integration with the corporate software for which you keep financial information sharing accounting records. Whether the corporate software you use is a comprehensive international ERP system or a local accounting package, owing to the integration with the current transactions module; your suppliers are able to see the latest statuses of your invoices, their current account remainders and movements, payment plans and the data of completed payments through vSRM.

Due to vSRM’s parametric structure, you decide on with which suppliers and at which extent to share the financial information (invoice data, current account data, payment information). Who can reach this information among supplier company representatives, who cannot see them is managed according to the security parameters you or your supplier manages. vSRM also allows for obtaining reconciliation of accounts online. The agreement requests and approval forms can be sent to your suppliers via the system, and the reconciliations of your suppliers can be received online.

To summarize, the financial information recorded in the current account module of your corporate software and be monitored by your suppliers via vSRM platform in a secure manner with the details prefer and by the suppliers you authorize.