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vSRM – Milk Run

vSRM, Milk-Run is a flexible and practical application which assists you to realize your projects. vSRM offers the suppliers included in Milk-Run application such as logistics companies, synchronized data access and allow them to monitor the changes online. It allows obtaining the required forms and outputs for the fast, easy and healthy operation of the process as barcoded.

Milk-Run is a shipment method system which is implemented for minimizing the shipment and stock costs. Milk-Run can be summarized as the stop by of the logistics company at the suppliers on a similar route on the defined date, time and according to the defined order to collect the required materials on behalf of the main company, instead of the realization of daily shipments by each supplier independently. In the same vehicle, the materials of different companies are collected according to the shipment schedule, which is based on the production schedule, so they are brought to the factory where they are needed by the manufacturer company in JIT (Just in Time) logic.

In Milk-Run applications; the weekly, daily and hourly shipment plans are prepared by the main company on detail basis, and then they are shared with the supplier companies. Thirt party logistics companies, which are commonly used in Milk-Run applications constitute an important compound of the system. Sharing similar information with the logistics company is very important in terms of the synchronization of the process. To conduct a healthy Milk-Run application; sharing of information among the main company, suppliers and the logistics company must be perfect. The parties in Milk-Run application are enabled to reach the same data via vSRM platform. Obtaining the required forms and outputs for conducting the process logistically without any mistake is ensured.

The operating logic of the system can be summarized as follows; the main company creates a detailed shipment schedule according to the supply schedule. By using the Milk-Run parameters defined on the supplier and product basis (route data, shipment days and times, weight, volume, method of loading, etc.), detail collecting plans are automatically created. The shipment schedules are approved by the main company, and then they are seen and approved by the suppliers. The approved loading schedules drop in front of the logistics company. The logistics company sees all the required information for it on the system. Material collection lists which contain the information on how much material is to be taken from which supplier and in which order, as well as the volume and weight information of the materials can be printed out by the logistics company and given to the carrier. After the logistics company collects the material from the supplier, the supplier can perform shipment transactions and send the main company the ASN and electronic dispatch note. The main company can monitor the materials loading of which are completed even when the collection of materials from the suppliers is continuing. All required documents during this process can be obtained as barcoded.

To summarize, vSRM offers a ready platform for you to realize your Milk-Run applications and implement them in a practical manner.