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vSRM – EDI Electronic Data Interchange

Now, you can further expand the EDI infrastructure that you could establish with a limited number of suppliers without requiring an additional service. vSRM offers the required infrastructure to automatically update both your and your suppliers’ systems. You can comfortably ask your suppliers to send the information you need in EDI standards without burdening any extra costs or investments on them.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), which means automatic data transfer among different computer systems of the companies in commercial relation, can be summarized as exporting and communicating certain information according to a certain standard (format), decrypting and automatic processing it at the point of destination. It is used in many industries, mainly in automatic industry, for sending the orders and schedules to the suppliers, and receiving shipment, dispatch note and invoice information from the suppliers on electronic environment. Standard file formats, which we can define as a kind of encryption standard, have been created in order to create a common language among the systems. EDIFACT, ODETTE, VDA are the leading EDI standards.

Although EDI Applications have been common spread in certain sectors, due to the difficulties in their application and suppliers incapacity to support this type of work, they could not be common spread at the desired level, and it remained only as a communication method that could be used by certain suppliers. vSRM Platform and EDI have been considered and analyzed with a different approach. First of all, vSRM enables all your suppliers to see their orders and schedules online, on web environment. And when they want to use it to transfer information to their own systems; they can download these data in XML or CSV format. For the suppliers with the required infrastructure to process files in EDI standard, the program information are transferred to the suppliers’ servers in EDI file formats, without requiring to use a separate file transfer service, through using vSRM Platform infrastructure. While supporting EDIFACT, ODETTE, VDA, ANSI X.12 standards, message files such as VDA4913, VDA4915 DELFOR, DELJIT can also be communicated to the suppliers according to their requirements. So, any supplier can receive EDI messages in any desired format.

The provision of the EDI messages by supplier companies as requested by the main company to update its own system depends on the skills of the ERP systems they use; it may not always be very easy. However, the situation is a bid different for the suppliers who use vSRM platform. The shipment data (ASN) requested by the main industry, the electronic documents such as electronic dispatch note, can be created with the records on vSRM platform. By means of vSRM, even your suppliers without any infrastructure and EDI knowledge are able to convert the ASN (Advanced Ship Notice) shipment records and electronic dispatch note data to an EDI file with the format requested by the main company. These files are directly communicated to the main company via vSRM Platform.

With vSRM application, as the main company you also provide the required infrastructure to your all suppliers for creating EDI files. Your suppliers do not need to make any investments in order to fulfill your EDI requests other than being included in vSRM system.