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ITG, we’re different, we’re unique

ITG, a service provider company specialized in Supply Chain Management software development has been serving in this field for over 20 years.

ITG especially offers solutions to companies in different industries including automotive, retail, healthcare and others which buy a lot of products from a lot of suppliers. Among these solutions, ITG offers advanced level of Supplier Chain applications such as Supplier Programs, Milkrun, VMI-Vendor Managed Inventory, Automatic Stock Replenishment, e-Kanban and EDI; vSRM (virtual Supplier Relationship Management), the B2B supplier portal developed with state-of-the-art technologies.

vSRM platform is available in more than 10 languages. It can be used globally with multi company organizations successfully.

High Tech
Cutting-edge tools are used to develop while adopting agile methodology.

Good Listeners
We make sure that we understand customers problems to provide best solutions.

Not Just An Ordinary Platform
Highly scalable to use any number of business numbers to manage high volume of transactions.

Cloud SaaS
Zero risk products and services are provided for our customers.

100% Browser Compatibility
All users are able to benefit from easy, intuitive vSRM.

Easy Integration
Integration to any ERP systems.

The main theme of the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System is; ITG in the Development and Services of Supply Chain Applications; to demonstrate that information security management is within the human, infrastructure, software, hardware, customer information, organization information, third party information and financial resources, to ensure risk management, to measure the performance of information security management process, to arrange relations.

Information Security Policy

It is a company aiming to be among the leading companies that carry out Supply Chain Application Development and Services by adopting a concept of a quality management system that is professional, confident and business conscious and with a transparent organizational structure.

Quality Policy & Certificates

Career Opportunities

The success of our company, growing with national and international projects, is based on our colleagues who create difference with their knowledge and skills.

The common characteristics that we wish all our colleagues to share include,

  • Adopting the sensitivity of ITG on ensuring customer satisfaction and being inclined to team work
  • Having analytical and result-oriented thinking structure, possessing the skills and technical competencies required by the position
  • Ability to hold duties in domestic and foreign projects, ability to travel and speak foreign languages

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