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vSRM – CPA Management

Following up the corrective and preventive action requests of the supplier companies regarding the product, service, and the production process is moved to a web-based interactive structure where the suppliers are also included.

One of the leading factors that affect the quality of the product you produce is the quality of the products and services you source. Therefore, many manufacturer companies are closely interested with the production and quality systems of their suppliers, and regularly request Corrective and Preventive Actions for their development. For regular definition, following up, evaluation and following up these activities and monitoring the application results; the required development must be ensured in Kaizen logic.
With vSRM platform, which is designed in a manner that you can manage all your business processes and communications, you can manage your Corrective and Preventive Actions in a structure where your suppliers are also involved. For CPA activities which you have created according to different importance and priority sequences, you can assign a work group from your own company employees and the representatives of the suppliers.

All of the activities conducted by the team members in time such as;
• Problem identification and description,
• Identification and affirmation of the actual reasons,
• Measures to be taken urgently,
• Application of permanent activities,
• Measures taken to prevent the repeating of a mistake,

are recorded by the related team members and their application can be followed up. The supplier representatives who are included in the team can connect to the system with their user codes and passwords and enter the system the activities online. vSRM Document Sharing enables sharing among the team members any kind of documents such as test results, application plans and procedures which are used or created during the activity. Corrective Preventive Activities and the results of the application can be reported and monitored. In addition to being a system that you can use in managing CPA’s related with your suppliers, vSRM has also been designed in a structure which enables using it in the management of any kind of Corrective and Preventive Actions being conducted at your own company. Therefore, if you do not have a CPA management system in use, then you can use vSRM Platform for the management of the CPA’s at your own company.