Orkun SÜER – IT Manager / Koçtaş A.Ş

vSRM is a flexible, fast, expandable, low-cost and innovative platform.

These are indispensable features for a successful business application. I also care ITG’s solution-oriented, dynamic and professional approach at least as much. The continuous support provided by ITG to our suppliers and us greatly increases the value vSRM adds into our business.

Altan SEKMEN – General Manager/Teközel

The pre-automation period carried out with manual labor force was incredibly inefficient for us and at the same time it was a process open to risk.

That is why we wanted to move all of our processes to a digital environment, more fluid and more focused on the flow of the system than on the human’s personal skills. We have positioned vSRM in many fields within Tekozel. As we saw successful results in these areas, we developed new projects. In the age of digitization, vSRM is an indispensable tool for us.

M. Cenkmen KEÇECİ – Planning Manager / Otokar A.Ş.

Not only we share our order and supply plans via vSRM but also we conduct our entire communication with our suppliers.

For example, Quality reports directly reflect from Otokar to the screen of the related person on the opposite side via vSRM. I have to mention that we have a serious workload and time advantage with vSRM. Even, certain supplier companies demand using vSRM as soon as they begin working with us.

Turan DOĞAN – Supply Chain Manager/Teközel

The most important phase of the process was the supply chain and we successfully completed it.

We have included vSRM in other departments quickly and we will continue to do so in new areas. The most important advantage vSRM provides to Tekozel is that it is a system-oriented structure rather than being dependent on the person. So we have also created corporate memory.


vSRM is available in more than 10 languages. Industry leaders use vSRM in 4 continents.